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Persian Cats Information

Persian cats belong to the feline breed of long-haired cat. The Persian cat is one of the oldest and most popular cat breeds. Persian cats are thought to have originated from Persia (today called Iran), and that is why they are called Persian cats. Persian cats are considered one of the more beautiful looking cat breeds. But their long hair (fur) takes far more grooming time than other cat breeds.

The Origin of Persian Cat

White Persian Cat

The Persian is one of the most widely recognised and popular breeds in the world - and one of the oldest. As their name suggests, Persians originate from the country that was once Persia, now Iran, in the Middle East.

Iranian Domestic cats Experts believe that today's domestic cat is the descendent of Felis libyca, a cat that is still found in Africa and Asia. A short-haired, brown mackerel tabby, its adaptation to the environment caused many early mutations, one of which was the development of the long-haired gene. The first of these cats, the Persian, was believed to have evolved on the high, cold plateaus of the country then named Persia, hence their name.

The cats were introduced into Europe by the Phoenicians and Romans in the 1500s as highly valued items of trade. The Europeans were impressed by the Persian.s long silky coat and purposefully bred the cats to perpetuate the trait. By the 1900s the cats were being exported to the United States and since then their popularity has spread throughout the world.

The Persian is the most popular breed among the long-haired cats; others include Birman, Turkish Van, Ragdoll, Mayne Coon, Norvegian Forest Cat and the Exotic (short hair version of the Persian).

In Australia today, while Persians are still out-numbered by the short-haired breeds, they continue to be popular as both a family pet and for showing purposes.

The Persian is a medium to large cat with heavy bones and excellent balance from section to section.


Persian Cat Personality

Persian Cat Walking on a Ledge
Persian Cat with Personality!

Persian cats are affectionate, easy going, docile, very adaptable, and need attention, and love to be played with. They aren't particularly demanding, but most will want to sit on your lap and be petted every day. Some develop a particular attachment to one person in the family, and will want much more time and affection from them than anyone else.

They are good with other pets, and with children. They're very adaptable, and usually cope well if changes occur such as additions to the family, new pets or a house move.

They don't like to be left alone for long periods of time, so if you're out during the day, it's better to keep them with another pet for company.

Their long fur is very prone to matting, and must be combed on a daily basis.

Like the Himalayan cat, Persians can sometimes suffer from watery eyes and breathing problems because of their flat faces. Their faces will need washing periodically.

Whilst their lovely personalities mean they make wonderful pets, they are only suitable for people who have the time to care for their long hair and give them the regular affection they need.


Persian Cat Pictures

Persian Cat with Brilliant Blue Eyes

Ginger Persian Cats

Persian Tabby Cat - Yellow Eyed
Beautiful Cat Face Shape

Gray Persian Cat Resting After Lazy Afternoon Lunch

Caring for Persian Cats



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