Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Understanding Cat Whiskers Movement

The cat's whiskers react to stimuli around them, and the movement of the cat's whiskers can tell you what sort of mood they are in. The cat's whiskers move differently when they are happy, threatened, scared or curious.

So if you have ever wondered what to make of your cat's behavior, you can start by looking at their whiskers. The cat's whiskers is like the antenna of cat behavior. Knowing what it means can help you understand your cat better.

Here is an article that explains how to understand your cat whiskers movement.

Enjoy :)

The Wonders Of A Cat's Whiskers
By Leigh Adams

Cats' whiskers are as interesting as a cat itself. The top and bottom rows of cats' whiskers move separately, helping them to use them as wind detectors and as aids in locating the source of odors. Whiskers are also part of a system that allows cats to detect atmospheric weather changes that mean a storm or even an earthquake is headed its way.

Cat's whiskers work like antennae, they help your kitty feel what she cannot see. Although cats see better than humans in the dark, it is a myth that cats have superior night vision. What truly is the case is that their whiskers help to guide them in the dark.

Cats whiskers also help keep a cat balanced. In addition, a cat uses it's whiskers with prey. A cat with a mouse in its mouth will touch the mouse with its whiskers, checking to see if it is safe to put the mouse down without it running away.

On top of all of this, your cat's whiskers speak to you! Cat's say a lot with their whiskers!

Here are a few of their meanings:

1. Drooping Whiskers

Kitty is bored or unhappy, she may even feel sick

2. Twitching Whiskers

Kitty is checking out her surroundings for food or another animal.

3. Whiskers Extended Outward From Mouth And Spread Far Apart

Kitty is happy and calm.

4. Whiskers Pulled Back Tight Along The Face

Kitty is either unhappy or feeling aggressive.

5. Bunched Whiskers Flattened Toward The Face

Kitty is shy or frightened of something.

So the next time kitty is a little bored or needs some more excitement check out your favorite online pet supply store for a new cat toy. Your cat will really appreciate it.

Leigh Adams is an avid dog owner and pet trainer. She is a frequent contributor to this Online Pet Supply Store. When not outside with her dogs Mimmi and SoSo, she enjoys spending time with her ragdoll cat and raising Koi fish in her backyard pond.

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